This Shavuot

TorahRabbi Lucía Pizarro will lead a Zoom session related to Shavuot (through IJV's Online Chavurah) on Tuesday, May 26, 6:00-7:15 pm (EDT). Email pizarro.lucia [at] to register (with "Shavuot study session" in the subject line).

freygl gertsovski (fae/faer pronouns), member of IJV and IfNotNow Toronto, will lead another session the next day, on Wednesday, May 27, 6:00-7:15 pm (EDT) session, for Queer, Trans Folks, and Women. Email freygl.gertsovski [at] to register (with "Savuot study session" in the subject line).

More about IJV Online Chavurah's Shavuot sessions:

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  • Participation is open to Jews and those curious about Judaism.

As Jews whose ethical heritage does not permit us to be silent in the face of Israel's violent oppression of the Palestinian people, we are often turned off by the tacit acceptance of this oppression granted through the deafening silence of the Jewish establishment.

As many of us yearn for spiritual meaning, we ask ourselves: How can we learn Torah without checking our politics and our values at the door?

Let's come together to read Jewish traditional sources from a radical social-justice perspective.

We are meeting via Zoom on Tuesday, May 26, at  6 pm EDT. This session is open to everyone and will be moderated by Rabbi Lucia Pizarro from the Jewish Liberation Theology Institute, member of IJV-Hamilton. Email pizarro.lucia [at] to register (with "Shavuot study session" in the subject line).

We will also have a separate group exclusively for people who identify as women, queer, trans, and/or non-binary, on Wednesday, May 27, at 6pm EDT. This session will be moderated by freygl gertsovski (fae/faer pronouns), member of IJV and IfNotNow Toronto. Email freygl.gertsovski [at] to register (with "Shavuot study session" in the subject line).

IJV's Online Chavurah is a non-Zionist space where we can build connections with like-minded people. All viewpoints are valuable, and we encourage participants to share their own unique thoughts and experiences. This is not a group meant to debate differences in opinion but to share and support each other's learning. IJV's Online Chavurah does not presuppose any theology nor any particular knowledge about anything other than one's own life.