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Reparations & Indigenous Land Back Teshuvah

Healing Visions for 5783

This is a three-week mini-series facilitated by Rabbi Lynn Gottlieb in the year of her rabbinic jubilee.

We will meet every Monday from 4:30 pm to 5:45 pm PDT (7:30 pm to 8:45 pm EDT)

Dates: September 5, 12, and 19, 2022.

Everyone is welcome!

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How do we create a reparative practice devoted to healing the ongoing wounds of colonial settlerism and zionism? 

Rabbi Lynn invites you to engage ancestral teshuvah legacies as well as applied insights from present-day movement building in preparation for the new year, 5783.

Our time together begins with indigenous land acknowledgment, radical welcome, and water ceremonies.

Sessions include text study, storytelling & shared reflections:

September 5:

  • Torah as a peacemaking treaty.
  • Teshuvah is a 5 Step system of repair. 
  • Steps 1 and 2: Acknowledgement & Accountability in light of ancestral guest laws and colonial settlerism.
  • Where do we hold trauma in the spectrum of class, race, sexual orientation, gender, national origin, citizenship status, religion, ability, and age?
  • Jewish healing & teshuvah practices for the wounds we carry & the harms of colonial settlerism which we carry.

September 12

  • Steps 3 and 4: Vidui & Peiraon.
  • Truth-Telling from the front lines of harm in the text and in the present.
  • Reparations in the text and in the present.
  • Rehabilitation, restoration, and compensation.

September 19:

  • Step 5: Guarantees of non-repeat.
  • What could new protocols for reparations and indigenous land back practices look like?
  • Co-create the Halacha/Jewish protocols of a healed future.


We run this program on a sliding scale (tuition includes land back reparations):

200 USD – Higher/Supporter Fee (employed/high earning power): When you pay the higher/supporter fee, you know that you are helping others access the program. This is an opportunity to not only be part of the program but also support your fellow community members.

150 USD  – Full Fee (employed/high earning power): When you pay the full fee for this program, you know you are helping JeLiThIn cover costs.

120 USD  – Low Fee (employed/struggling): When you pay the low fee for this program, you know you are letting your community hold you and support you.

90 USD – Lower Fee (student/unemployed):  When you pay the lower fee for this program, you know you are letting your community hold you and support you.

All of these are wonderful and acceptable ways of participating in the program.

If affording any of the sliding scale amounts in full is impossible for you right now, email us to talk about a payment plan that works for you at info[at]

To register for this course pay here:

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If you have any questions, please send an email to info[at] (with "Reparations & Indigenous Land Back Teshuvah" in the subject line)

JeLiThIn’s Online Community Groups

Building community through text study and personal reflection

At our core, we humans are tribal. We like to belong to groups of individuals with similar views, thoughts and interests. There is comfort being among others who are like-minded.

We want to feel a sense of belonging.

Hands surrounding flame

As Jews whose ethical heritage does not permit us to be silent in the face of Israel’s violent oppression of the Palestinian people, we are often turned off by the tacit acceptance of this oppression granted through the deafening silence of the Jewish establishment.

Our politics come from a deeply spiritual place. But it is our politics, inextricably linked to our deepest values, that exclude us from Jewish institutions, often forcing us to choose between integrity and Jewish community.

This leaves us feeling frustrated and disappointed. We yearn for a sense of belonging, a community we can call home. We long to be able to talk with like-minded people. We feel isolated and rejected. We ask ourselves: How can we find a Jewish community without checking our politics and our values at the door?

What if we told you that there is a way to connect with like-minded Jews? Can you imagine what it would feel like to find a strong community of like-minded people?

It can be scary to reach out to a community because you want to be confident that you will be able to connect with people. But we want to invite you to take the next step towards finding community.

We are continuing our online text study groups to connect people who identify as Jewish and feel isolated because of their views about Palestine. Find out more about JeLiThIn’s Online Community Groups.

We are also running an online membership program to connect people who identify as Jewish and feel isolated because of their views about Palestine. Find out more about JeLiThIn's Parashat HaShavua Group.