Sandra Ruch, Life Cycle Celebrant

Photo of Sandra RuchSandra brings a professional attitude to all your Life Cycle events. She will work with you to create just the right atmosphere to meet all your hopes and expectations. She is a mother and grandmother, a choir member, after school teacher and lay leader in her Temple community. Today she is working toward her ordination as a Kohenet (Hebrew Priestess). 

Sandra lives in Toronto area and works as a Holistic Health Care practitioner, human rights activist, and Teacher/Facilitator. She has travelled extensively for both work and pleasure. She brings a sincere openness to people and their personal beliefs and values.

Wherever you choose to celebrate - in a traditional setting or under a waterfall, Sandra will bring just the right amount of reverence to your Life Cycle event.

Areas include London, Hamilton, and Toronto

Contact:  sandralruch(at)

 Telephone 416-716-4010

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