Ordering Tickets

On this page you can order tickets to either the Hamilton Seder, London Seder or the Toronto Seder.

We highly recommend you purchase tickets in advance. The seating is limited and these Seders tend to sell out.

You can buy advance tickets using the drop down menu below. We have included two extra options: one for buying an extra ticket and the other for supplementing the cost of someone else's ticket. Both these options are intended to help cover the costs for those who cannot afford the full ticket price.

To make a purchase, select an item from the drop down menu and click the add to cart button. A paypal window will open. On this page, you can change the quantity of tickets, you can check out, or you can continuing shopping. Use the continue shopping option to add a different item.

When you check out, you can pay using your PayPal account or select "Don't have a PayPal account?" to pay with a credit card.

Order Tickets to the 2018 Liberation Seder, 
Hamilton - SOLD OUT

Order Tickets to the 2018 Liberation Seder, 
London - SOLD OUT

Order Tickets to the 2018 Liberation Seder, 
Toronto - SOLD OUT