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Narrow Bridge Candles - Creating Space for Ritual

Photo: Narrow Bridge Candles

Narrow Bridge Candles is a Jewish ritual candlemaking project in support of the full Palestinian call for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions of Israel (BDS).

You can learn more about this worthy project and support Palestine by ordering candles directly from Narrow Bridge Candles.

War Against the People

War Against the People Book Cover

War Against the People focuses on Israel's unique role in international affairs, highlighting how it promotes a global system of militarism and domestic control – a form of "global Palestine."

Jeff Halper investigates how Israel exports the weaponry and techniques of occupation. He shows how it uses the West Bank and Gaza as a "laboratory" for the development of these weapons, instruments of population control and models of permanent pacification. These are used not only to armies but internal security agencies and police forces as well. Halper locates Israel's system of pacification within the broader project of global "transcapital pacification." 

War Against the People provides a valuable window into the workings of pacification on a global level and the latest in military and counter-insurgency doctrine, outlining critical aspects of global politics that activists often miss in their struggle for global justice.

$25 + $3.50 shipping

War Against the People

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Beit Zatoun, Palestinian Olive Oil

Three bottles of Beit Zatoun Olive OilOlive Oil from Palestine is now available in Hamilton. Please email us to arrange for delivery of a bottle of oil. info(at)jelithin.ca.


Note: If you live in the Hamilton area, you can pick the oil up, or we can deliver with delivery charge starting at $3.50/order depending on the distance.

Beit Zatoun, Za'atar

Three bottles of Beit Zatoun Olive OilZa'atar from Palestine is now available. Discover the inspiring zing of za’atar – a natural companion to Zatoun olive oil. Za’atar is an aromatic herb mix produced from a certain variety of thyme indigenous to Palestine and is used as topping or seasoning. A natural companion to Zatoun olive oil, za’atar is versatile and easy to use on almost anything.

$5/150 gram bag. We are currently looking for an economic way of shipping.