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As Elul is the last month in the Jewish yearly cycle before Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish new year), it is viewed as a month of reflection on the previous year and looking forward to the next year. With this focus, Elul is regarded as a month of Teshuva or returning to a state of wholeness.

Traditionally there are no Torah obligations or laws regarding Elul and practices for the month of Elul are customs that have been repeated for generations. The shofar is blown each day during weekday morning services from Rosh Chodesh Elul until Erev Rosh Hashanah; an invitation to "wake up" before the High Holidays, this shofar blast is seen by some as an opportunity to awaken our souls and inspire deeper connection with spirit.

This year Elul begins at sundown on Wednesday, 16 August 2023.

In the spirit of Teshuvah - the profound act of returning to wholeness through acts of repair - I want to invite you to embark on a transformative journey of healing and reconciliation. As advocates for justice and transformation, we recognize the importance of repair, and this year, we are thrilled to offer you a unique opportunity to engage with ancestral Teshuvah legacies and apply present-day movement building insights in preparation for the new year, 5784.

Teshuvah carries the meaning of return to wholeness through acts of repair. In the 12th century, Maimonides defined Teshuva as a five-step process. This is how Rabbi Lynn Gottlieb interprets Maimonides’ definition, through a reparations framework:

Teshuvah requires acknowledgment of harms (hakarah), remorse (kharata) – which, in a reparations framework, is a form of accountability for the harms – and public truth-telling of harms by people directly impacted by them. Often, we are tempted to think that it is enough that we feel bad and apologize, but Maimonides argues that this is not so. The last two steps – compensation (peiraon) and guarantees of non-repeat of the harm (azivat ha-chet) – are needed for Reparations Teshuvah to be complete to the satisfaction of the injured parties. For the massive harms of colonial settlerism, racism, patriarchy, environmental destruction, and Israeli apartheid and war crimes, we need to implement these final two stages.

Last year Rabbi Lynn offered a three-week mini-series to engage ancestral Teshuvah legacies as well as applied insights from present-day movement building in preparation for the High Holidays.

The experience of the series was deeply transformative and I am very excited to be able to offer the recordings of the series this year so that we can reflect on the massive harms of colonial settlerism, racism, patriarchy, environmental destruction, and Zionism.

Through these recordings you will learn how the Torah is a peacemaking treaty, rather than a law imposed from above; that Teshuvah is a 5 step system of repair, and that each step is indispensable for healing; Truth-Telling from the front lines of harm in the text and in the present; and the importance of guarantees of non-repeat.

This course will take you through a transformative journey of healing and reconciliation.

Course Fee: $93 USD

Special discount for JeLiThIn's Parashat HaShavua Group Members: $57 USD (please email us at info[at] to get access)

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Course Overview:

Session 1:

  • How do we create a reparative practice devoted to healing the ongoing wounds of colonial settlerism and Zionism?
  • Explore the 5-step system of repair through the lens of Teshuvah.
  • Delve into Steps 1 and 2: Acknowledgment & Accountability.
  • Acknowledgment is necessary but not enough.
  • What does it mean to step into accountability?

Session 2:

  • Examine steps 3 and 4: Vidui & Peiraon.
  • Vidui as a form of public accountability and acknowledgment.
  • Compensation as funding.
  • Rehabilitation as access to healing modalities.

Session 3:

  • Step 5: Guarantees of non-repeat from the perspective of reparations with guest speaker Dr. David Ragland.
  • How do we prevent future harm and foster lasting change?

Interactive Opportunities

  • Interactive online forum for meaningful discussions with others watching the recordings:
    We understand the value of shared insights and collective growth. That's why we have set up an interactive online forum exclusively for course participants. This platform allows you to engage in thoughtful discussions, share your perspectives, and learn from fellow participants. Together, we can explore the depths of Teshuvah and its reparative practice, building lasting connections and actively contributing to the process of repair.
  • Live Q&A session with Rabbi Lynn on Thursday September 14, 2023 at 8 pm Eastern Time:
    We are delighted to offer a live Q&A session with Rabbi Lynn Gottlieb, the heart and soul behind this course. Rabbi Lynn's unwavering commitment to Nonviolence teachings, activism, and peace education has left a lasting impact on countless individuals. This session, scheduled just before Rosh Hashanah, will provide you with a unique opportunity to seek guidance, gain deeper insights, and connect with Rabbi Lynn on a personal level.

About Rabbi Lynn Gottlieb

Rabbi Lynn Gottlieb's unwavering commitment to Nonviolence teachings has led her on a path of multi-faith, intergenerational, and multicultural organizing for justice and demilitarization of land and life. A renowned figure in feminism, storytelling, peace education, and activism, she has left a lasting impact through her pulpit work, writings, and role on the boards of organizations like Jewish Voice for Peace and the Interfaith Movement for Human Integrity.

About Dr. David Ragland:

Dr. David Ragland's tireless efforts in building grassroots reparations campaigns and fostering BIPOC land sovereignty exemplify his dedication to social transformation and healing. As a writer, scholar, activist, and educator, he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the course, sharing valuable insights from his community near Ferguson, Missouri.

Join us:

Join us on this transformative journey of healing, repair, and reconciliation. Don't miss this opportunity to engage with ancestral Teshuvah legacies and apply present-day movement building insights in preparation for the new year, 5784.

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